Trillian is an instant messaging application with a twist: it allows you to use multiple accounts for various IM services. In other words, it has the power to gather all your friends from several messengers in a single interface.

Connect with various social network accounts

This software imports all the contacts of your selected instant messaging platform (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Skype), but it can also directly access social networks (Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn).

In addition, Trillian has borrowed most of the important features from other messengers that you like so much, and added new ones. You can open a new window and chat, or send a quick message to a friend who has just signed in.

Friends can be sorted in the list in various ways: alphabetically, by conversation history size, etc. There are several actions that can be performed during a conversation: you can insert a screen capture (by clicking and dragging the mouse), flag text as important (i.e. yellow text with red highlights), or change font to code style (which is especially useful if you're trying to explain a programming language to someone).

Enhance conversations with fun emoticons

There are tons of emoticons you can play with (smiley faces, objects and symbols), and some of them are compatible with Yahoo! Messenger. The chat history is better organized than in typical instant messengers, because here you can actually select a date from the calendar to access a conversation, as well as view any images exchanged between you and your friends. What’s more, the chat history can be synced between your computer and your smart phone, so it’s at your disposal everywhere you go.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

Change: In-house group chats no longer display disclaimer to its own domain CHANGE
Change: MySpaceIM is no longer included by default CHANGE
Change: Skype is no longer included by default CHANGE
Change: Sign on/off notifications are now off by default CHANGE
Contact List: Mass messaging option in group by service menu FEATURE
Contact List: Organize group chats in group by service FEATURE
Contact List: Shows count for private message windows pending messages FEATURE
Group Chats: Join dialog for public group chats with listing for Trillian FEATURE
Group Chats: @mention support FEATURE
Group Chats: Trillian group chat support (shared display names, flags, ops/voice, topics) FEATURE
Media: Correct handling of impp-media links in the cloud FEATURE
Message Windows: Mute support FEATURE
Policy: Local policy can be placed in C:\ProgramData\Trillian\config FEATURE
Policy: Policy updates are now realtime FEATURE
Policy: Status settings policy FEATURE.

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