WindowsToUSB Lite is a small and simple software that helps you to create bootable USB from Windows ISO image file or windows DVD or windows source folder.The goal was to create a simple tool to help everyone to install windows from USB pen in one click, with minimal effort.

Simple yet functional interface
The utility features a very straight-forward interface, making it quite approachable for people of all levels of experience, as it does not require any prior knowledge with similar tools.

The small, non-resizable window of WindowsToUSB Lite allows you to select the 'Source Type', then enter the 'Source Path' and choose the 'Target USB Drive' from a drop-down menu.

Input the source, select your drive and create the bootable USB
In terms of 'Source Type', the application supports both folders or DVDs containing the operating system, and ISO images, which you can then load from your computer into the main window of WindowsToUSB Lite.

When selecting the USB stick that you want to place Windows on, evidently it has to be at least the same size as the ISO file or folder that you are working with. Also, keep in mind that if you have any data on the pen drive, it will be deleted and lost, so make sure to copy anything you need from it before proceeding to this operation.

After configuring all these small requirements, you can press the 'Start' button and within a few minutes, you will be have your own bootable USB Windows drive.

The benefits of a portable tool
Moreover, because WindowsToUSB Lite is a portable program, it means that you do not need to install it on your system, you can just download and run it when you need. Additionally, you can store it on a portable storage device and take it with you wherever you go, launching it on any compatible computer, and it will leave no traces in the system's registry.

A quick means of creating a bootable USB
To summarize, WindowsToUSB Lite can prove quite handy in helping you create a bootable USB, thus enabling you to quickly install Windows when in need, with the least amount of effort for you.

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