QIP 2012 is the direct successor to the QIP QIP Infium and 2010. QIP 2010 combines the performance and functionality of QIP 2010 QIP Infium. Today QIP 2012 supports OSCAR, XMPP (Jabber), Gtalk (Jabber), LiveJournal (Jabber), Mail.Ru Agent, IRC and XIMSS (SIP), Twitter, Facebook. QIP 2012 runs under all versions of operating systems Microsoft Windows NT to Windows 2000 and above.

Features QIP 2012:
• Full support for VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter
• Free voice and video calls between users of QIP
• Group chat with users of QIP
• Ability to login using social networking account or phone number
• Built-in spell checker
• Advanced tab dialog
• Improved pop-up messages

Other features include:
• Supported protocols OSCAR, XMPP, Agent, SIP
• Notification of new messages in Yandex and Google-accounts, which are used as a Jabber-accounts, as well as new mail account Agent
• Working with lists from the menu seems Jabber contacts
• Ability to register as a user name your email or mobile phone number
• All of your accounts and settings will be stored on the server QIP
• Protection from spam and flooding on the part of those who are not included in the list of contacts

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