Introducing the all new, sleek and simple, completely re-thought and re-designed Cool Timer. We think it's so much cooler than ever before that we even considered changing the name to "Awesome Timer". Though some exciting new features have been added, drawing from much user feedback, we decided to revert to a simple, no-nonsense design reminiscent of past versions. More compact, less intrusive, and more user friendly, Cool Timer does a lot in just a little space with a small memory footprint, using very little system resources. 

Key Features
Can be used in three different modes: countdown, alarm clock, or stopwatch. 
Optional graphical visualization of time passage in countdown mode. 
Optionally show cool, scrolling LED-style, customizable marquee message when alarm goes off. 
Several built-in sounds to use as an alarm. 
Use your own sound files for alarms (MP3 or Wav). 
Can be set for up to 1000 hours in countdown mode. 
Time digits can be shown full screen for easy viewing even from across the room. 
Save and reload preset countdown times. 
Set alarm in alarm clock mode for only certain days of the week. 
Optionally require that a simple, fun image puzzle be solved in order to be able to turn off alarm in alarm clock mode. 
Automatically wakes computer from hibernation before alarm sounds. 
Automatically unmutes system volum before alarm sounds. 
Automatically run a task on your computer when alarm sounds. 
Absolutely free!

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