All My Books is designed to be an electronic librarian that can help you organize your bookshelves into a convenient library. All My Books is a library and the librarian in one tool. The All My Books application will load all information from online sources in a matter of seconds. Group and browse your collection of books by title, author or publisher, or run a quick search by any field. You can even define your own fields to label the books, such as comments or memos, and search them later. What use would be an electronic book organizer if you had to spend hours to catalogue your entire collection? All My Books does not ask you about every little detail about the book. Instead, it implements a revolutionary way to create and organize your collection. No longer must you type information about every book by hand!

Main features of All My Books
-fast download information about the book from a variety of online libraries, including plot synopsis, reviews, and cover image
-export collection to mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
-more information about the authors, translators, editors, including their photo
-a visual representation of the library using different templates (used editable HTML-templates)
-a large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title, ISBN, genre, publishing house, binding, number of pages, number of copies, location, rating and others)
-support for custom fields - unlimited text and logical additional fields
extension of functionality and adding new online sources to import information about books via third-party plugins
and statistical information about the book collection (statistics for genres, binding, authors etc.)
-The user interface supports skins (themes, styles)
Digital Library-export to many formats - text, PDF, HTML, CHM, XLS (Microsoft Excel)
-import an existing list of books in text format or MS Excel
-a quick search for the right books on specific criteria. The search is performed on all standard and custom fields
protection-book database password
-easy to use manager gave the book - you'll never forget when and to whom you have given the book
-an unlimited number of additional storage of image information for each of the books in the library
Support eBooks - You can save a link to the file in the book card and open the book directly from All My Books ™. In addition, the program automatically fills in the book for the following card formats - PDF, DjVu, FB2, FB2.ZIP, LRF, LIT, MOBI (Kindle), PRC, PDB, EPUB, RB (RocketBook), AZW, AZW2.
Support audiobooks - run a book on listening can directly from the program. Automatically read tags and filled with books for card formats MP3, M4A, M4B, Audible (AA and AAX), WMA, OGG.
Isolator-mode. You can open the database file books simultaneously from multiple computers.
-print collection with support for editing report templates.

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